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fibreculture publications

Fibreculture has endeavored to intervene in the new publishing spaces made available by digital networks in ways that benefit both members of the Fibreculture community and the broader reading public. A number of publications already exist and there are plans for the establishment of an epress in the near future.

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2002 publication - free newspaper

The Networks of Excellence Newspaper is a project from the Department of Media Arts at the Waikato Institute of Technology, in association with the Power Institute of Fine Arts. This publication is generously supported by a research grant from the Faculty of Applied Management, Waikato Institute of Technology. Opinions expressed in this publication
are those of the authors and do not reflect those of the publisher, editors, or supporters. Send us feedback at <>

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Managing Editor: Danny Butt


Thanks to: University of Technology Sydney, University of Western Sydney, University of NSW, Macquarie University, Museum of Contemporary Art, the Australian Film Commission, RealTime, and the advertisers for supporting the 2002 Fibreculture
conference and publication. A special thanks to all contributing writers and Jonathan Nicol for display type -

The Fibreculture Newspaper Editors:
Chris Chesher, Gillian Fuller,
Lisa Gye, Molly Hankwitz,
Geert Lovink, Esther Milne,
Ned Rossiter, David Teh.


2001 Politics of a Digital Present

Hugh Brown, Geert Lovink, Helen Merrick, Ned Rossiter, David Teh, Michele Willson (eds),
Politics of a Digital Present: An Inventory of Australian Net Culture, Criticism and Theory

(Melbourne: Fibreculture Publications, 2001).

Paperback 155 x 230mm 300pp
ISBN 0-9579978-0-9

$30AUD (includes GST) plus postage and handling ($3.75 in Australia/$11.50 for USA & Canada/$13 for UK & Europe) - payable by cheque or money order made out to 'Fibreculture'.

International orders payable by bank cheques drawn in AUD (Australian Dollars) or International Money orders in AUD only.

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Established in January 2001, fibreculture is a forum for Australian net culture and research, encouraging critical and speculative interventions in the debates concerning information technology, the policy that concerns it, the new media for(u)ms it supports and its sustainable deployment towards a more equitable Australia. Fibreculture is committed to fostering and promoting open, independent, critical, participatory and sustainable forums.

The fibreculture network comprises theorists, critics, journalists, academics, artists, activists, policy developers and all sorts of media producers, designers and other information-workers. Fibreculture is working towards productive dialogues around our distinctive engagements with/in new media & internet theory and practice. The inaugural fibreculture reader is an encounter with some of these dialogues in process: offering not conclusions or closures but rather an invitation to further reflection, debate, and action.